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Illustration: Catrina Norman-Tengroth

Giving newly arrived children a better start

To give newly arrived children a better start, the municipality of Strömsund has been working with various stakeholders for several years. We are currently running two projects which aim to give newly arrived children, both those with a residence permit and unaccompanied minors, a better start. We work for a common outlook and creating methods and materials that can function well in Strömsund and in other parts of the Sweden.

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Material available in English

The Child’s Best Interest During the Return Process .pdf (2021)
The final report from project The Child’s Best Interest during the Return Process. Reports on the projects work, results and material.

Map of the asylum process (.pdf)
An interactive map suitable as a tool when giving information to children about the asylum-seeking and return process. Developed by Strömsund Municipality and translated as a part of the project The Best Interest of the Child (2020).

My present, my past and my future – my own book (.pdf)
A work book suitable for newly arrived children in Sweden. 

The Best Interest of the Child (.pdf)
A brochure with additional information about the project The Best Interest of the Child. Produced in 2020.

Ladder of co-operation (.pdf)
A supportive tool that can aid discussions about the co-operative practices surrounding the child in an asylum and return process. It can help identify and evaluate current practices, explain the need for co-operation, make expectations visible as well as clarify which level of co-operation is necessary. Developed by the project The Best Interest of the Child in 2020. 

Previous projects

The best interest of the Child

- a more sustainable return process for unaccompanied minors

The return process is very complex with many involved stakeholders. To be able to improve the situation for unaccompanied minors we need to assist the professionals involved in supporting the children in their return process. To raise the quality and diminish the largest flaws identified, the project will perform activities with the aim to raise competence and improve co-operative practices among the concerned stakeholders. The project will co-operate with at least 15 municipalities. Strömsund municipality has general responsibility for the project along with setting up and running a Support Office for co-operating municipalities. The Swedish Migration Agency is responsible for creating an information package and a web-based course addressed to professionals within the municipalities. The Migration Agency will also help Strömsund municipality in relevant issues, with expertise during conferences and educational events as well as providing a network for gathering and distributing information. The County Administrative Board of Jämtland is responsible for distributing information and co-operative practices at a regional level as well as providing expertise and experiences.

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Aim: Through raising knowledge and enhanced co-operation amongst those who are involved in the asylum and return process, the projects aims to improve the situation for unaccompanied minors.
Duration: July 2017 – December 2020
Project owner: Strömsund municipality
Funding: The Asylum, Migration and Integration fund (AMIF), The Swedish Migration Agency and Strömsund municipality
Project partners: The Swedish Migration Agency and the County Administrative Board of Jämtland
Project leader: Elisabeth Lindholm
Subproject leaders: Joakim Selén and Marie Lidberg
Project contributors: Mia Krylén, Jane Magnerot, Ebba Beattie, Kjell-Terje Torvik, Marcus Olsson, Marcus Olofsson and Ylfva Wistrand.

Learn more about the project by downloading and reading our brochure: The Best Interest of the Child (.pdf)

Best Practice

Project Best Practice is about creating better prerequisites for newly arrived unaccompanied youth by letting the youth test their ideas and experiences against the norms and values presented in the Swedish elementary school. A part of the project is to create a course in co-operation with youth at the local high school introductory program.

Aim: Improve the reception and introductory processes for unaccompanied minors that are seeking asylum or have been granted a residence permit.
Duration: June 2016- July 2019
Project owner: Strömsund municipality
Funding: Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and Strömsund municipality
Project manager: Ewa Sörlin
Project contributors: Mattias Mårtensson, Ylfva Wistrand, Fredrik Orrell, Katarina Bergström Johansson, Peter Wilhelmsson and Lina Bostedt.

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